Frequently Asked Questions

I need to change an address

If you've put the wrong address, or would like to change a subscription address contact our staff. 03 384 8296 or

Where are you located?

Our florists are located at 116 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch.

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes. The cutoffs are viewable in our delivery page.

Why are your flowers so fresh?

We grow our own flowers on-site. This allows us to provide you the freshest flowers in Christchurch as your flowers aren't shipped to market, then to a florists. We get your flowers direct from the glasshouse.

How long do flowers last?

We are confident that because we use our own freshly-cut flowers, our arrangements can last over two weeks with correct flower care. We even have some customers telling us they last three weeks.

If you buy flowers from other florists they typically last a week or small amount longer. And if you're buying flowers from the supermarket you're wasting your time.

How much of a discount do I get for subscribing?

Discounts range from 5-10% depending on the product. If you subscribe for more frequent deliveries you will get a greater discount.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by calling or emailing our staff. 03 384 8296, or

Cancelling is simple, we just click something on our end. Please don't feel locked in.

What flowers do you grow?

Too many to name. We grow over 25 rose varieties and have two flower farms in the Port Hills, Christchurch.

Do you cater for weddings?

Yes. See our weddings page. We can cater for the venue flowers, the bridal bouquet, cake flowers, or buttonholes. You name it.

Do you cater for funerals?

Yes. See our events catering page for more info. We can make any custom arrangement you require.

Can you supply flowers for my corporate event?

We cater for all events. From venue flower decoration to individual arrangements, we do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions