flower farmer holding flowers for delivery

Help your flowers last longer

We've just delivered some of our fresh flowers, let's help them last as along as possible!

  • Environment

    Make sure to keep your flowers out of extreme cold or heat and away from direct sunlight

  • Water

    Change the water daily to help your flowers last longer!

  • Trimming

    Cut approximately 2.5cm off your stems on an angle every few days to help with the longevity of your flowers

Flower Care

How to make flowers last longer:

Correct flower care comes down to managing three things; the environment, water, and trimming the stem.

  • Ensure the flowers are out of direct sunlight, vents, draughts or ripening fruit.
  • Vase has cool-warm water and flowers are placed in water as soon as possible. Replace water every few days.
  • Remove any leaves from the stems that will sit below the water line.
  • Cutting 2.5cm off stem at a 45-degree angle every few days. 
  • Place half your flower food sachet in the water on day 1 and 3.

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Blooms in one of our on-site glasshouses.

Why do our flowers last the longest in Christchurch?

We are not like other florists, we grow our own flowers.

Your flowers are freshly cut from our glasshouse. We don't have to predict demand, so we never have our flowers sitting and wilting like we would if we bought from market.