Our floristry, this is where we sell our flowers

Welcome to our studio.

We are the Baxter family and we founded Aromaunga Baxter's Flowers in 1983. From the day the seed hits the earth to the moment you receive your design, know that your flowers have been in the hands of artisans.

About Us

We are a family-owned Christchurch florist. We sell fresh-cut flowers to market and the local people. We have two flower farms in the port hills. Through our florists, you can order the freshest flowers in Christchurch, guaranteed. Your flowers are fresh-cut to ensure they last as long as possible for you.

Customers often say we're the best florist in Christchurch. Our bouquets are not only cheaper, but they're as fresh as can be.

Other florists have to buy from market, which means the flowers spend longer waiting for someone to order them. Not us. We are confident we are supplying you with the longest-lasting flowers in the city.

We offer same-day flower delivery to Christchurch and the outer suburbs. Find out about same-day delivery cutoffs.

We are located at 116 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley.


Our farmer delivering freshly cut flowers to our florist

Freshly Handpicked

We grow what we sell. This means the bouquets we deliver are made from freshly picked top quality flowers right from our farm. Your arrangement will consist of fresh, long lasting flowers that will delight the senses of any lucky recipient.

Close up of a bouquet from our designer's choice collection.


Each creation is arranged by our team of fully qualified florists with precision and passion. We take tremendous pride in delivering an arrangement that will be admired and enjoyed.

Flowers protected in a water wrap and a roll wrap for safe transit to recipient

Secure Delivery

We use a dedicated flower courier that dispatches three times per day.

We want your flowers to last as long as possible. Flowers are delivered roll & water wrapped for freshness, presentation, and protection. We include flower food in all orders. To help your flowers last longer, please practise correct flower care. If a vase is not readily available, we offer a water-filled box to ensure longevity of your arrangement.

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