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Exploring the Role of Florists: What Do They Do?

Understanding the Role of Florists

Florists are professionals specializing in the art and science of flower arrangement and management. While they are primarily known for creating beautiful floral designs, their work encompasses a broader range of activities that requires both creativity and a deep understanding of botany. Whether operating from a traditional brick-and-mortar store, an online platform, or within large floral departments in supermarkets and garden centers, florists perform several essential functions to meet customer needs and enhance environments.

Main Responsibilities of Florists

1. Selection and Procurement of Flowers and Supplies

One of the primary duties of a florist is to source and purchase flowers and related supplies, such as vases, ribbons, and floral foams. Choosing high-quality, fresh flowers is crucial as it directly impacts the longevity and aesthetic appeal of floral arrangements. Florists must possess knowledge of seasonal availability and conditions that affect floral quality and procurement.

2. Design and Creation of Floral Arrangements

Florists are perhaps best known for their skill in designing and assembling floral arrangements. This task involves significant creative input – conceptualizing designs based on occasions, settings, or specific customer requests. Arrangements could range from simple bouquets for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries to more complex installations for weddings or corporate events. Florists must balance elements of color, texture, and space to create visually compelling compositions.

3. Care and Handling of Plants and Flowers

Careful handling of plants and flowers is another crucial aspect of a florist’s job. This includes cutting stems at the proper angle, removing any leaves below the water line, and preserving the flowers to maintain their appearance for as long as possible. Florists also educate customers on how to care for and maintain their flowers to extend their lifespan.

4. Interaction with Customers and Client Consultation

Florists frequently interact with customers to understand their needs and preferences. This can involve consultations for event floral needs such as weddings, funerals, or other ceremonies which often require personalized service. Florists must communicate effectively, understand customer expectations, and often work within specific budgets.

5. Operations Management

For florists who own or manage shops, tasks can also include a range of business operations such as managing inventories, supervising staff, handling finances, and promoting the business. In small shops, these roles may be handled by the florists themselves, while larger stores might have different people for each role.

Skills Required for Being a Successful Florist

Successful florists often possess a combination of formal education in floral design and practical experience in the industry. Key skills include:

  • Creativity: The ability to create a variety of designs that meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.
  • Knowledge of Botany: Understanding the fundamentals of plant biology to ensure the health and viability of floral products.
  • Customer service: Effective communication and understanding of customer desires and feedback.
  • Attention to detail: Skill in the precise assembly of flowers and ability to notice small changes in flower health and arrangement aesthetics.
  • Organizational skills: Efficient management of inventory, orders, and time, especially when handling multiple simultaneous events and orders.


The role of florists is multifaceted, combining elements of art, science, and business. They not only create beautiful floral expressions but also contribute significantly to the quality of life by enhancing the environments in which people live and celebrate. A career as a florist can be rewarding, especially for those passionate about flowers and interaction with people, with each day bringing new challenges and opportunities to create beauty.

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