A vibrant and elegant display at a bustling Christchurch wedding expo, showcasing a variety of top trending wedding flowers, with florists arranging delicate peonies, lush greenery, and romantic roses

Top Wedding Flowers in Christchurch: Trends and Florists

Introduction to Wedding Flowers in Christchurch

Christchurch, known for its English heritage and picturesque landscapes, offers a stunning backdrop for weddings. An integral part of these celebrations is the floral decor, which includes everything from bouquets and centerpieces to ceremonial arches. The choice of flowers can greatly enhance the theme and aesthetic of a wedding. In this article, we explore popular wedding flowers in Christchurch, current floral trends, and highlight some of the top florists in the area.

Top Wedding Flowers in Christchurch

The local climate and the globally influenced floral market combine to provide a vast selection of flowers for Christchurch weddings. Some of the most sought-after wedding flowers include:

  • Roses: Timeless and romantic, roses are a staple in wedding floristry. They are available in various colors and sizes, making them versatile for any wedding theme.
  • Peonies: Known for their lush and voluminous blooms, peonies are often associated with romance and prosperity, making them a popular choice for spring weddings.
  • Hydrangeas: With their large heads full of small flowers, hydrangeas are excellent for creating a sense of abundance and elegance, especially in summer weddings.
  • Native New Zealand Flora: Including native plants like Pohutukawa, Kowhai, and Flax flowers adds a distinctive Kiwi touch to wedding arrangements, reflecting the local heritage and landscape.

Current Floral Trends in Christchurch Weddings

Wedding floral trends in Christchurch often mirror global tendencies while incorporating unique local styles and plants. Some current trends include:

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Choices

There is a growing trend towards sustainability in weddings, with couples opting for locally-sourced and seasonal flowers to minimize their environmental impact.

Minimalist and Natural Arrangements

Inspired by the natural beauty of New Zealand, minimalist floral designs that focus on the intrinsic beauty of each bloom are becoming increasingly popular.

Bold and Dramatic Colors

While pastel tones remain a classic, there’s a rising trend for incorporating bold and deep colors, such as navy, emerald green, and rich burgundy, into wedding floral arrangements.

Edible Flowers and Herbs

Incorporating herbs like rosemary and lavender, as well as edible flowers, not only adds a unique touch and fragrance but also highlights the farm-to-table movement.

Top Florists in Christchurch

Christchurch boasts several talented florists who specialize in wedding arrangements. Some of the highly recommended florists include:

Floral Studio

Known for their innovative and personalized approach, Floral Studio creates wedding flowers that truly reflect each couple's personality and style.

Aromaunga Baxter's Flowers

We're a lesser-known florist that's revered for capturing the moment with our stunning designs and dedication to only using flowers we grow on-site. We cater for weddings of any size. See our Christchurch wedding flowers service.

Bloomsbury Floral Designs

Bloomsbury is renowned for combining classic styles with modern trends, creating stunning and memorable wedding florals.

Wild Botanic

Specialising in organic and nature-inspired arrangements, Wild Botanic offers unique floral designs that make use of natural textures and seasonal blooms.


Choosing the right wedding flowers is crucial for setting the tone of your big day. Christchurch’s rich selection of flowers and talented florists provides a wealth of options for every style and season. Whether opting for a classic look with roses and peonies or a more modern approach with bold colours and sustainable choices, Christchurch caters to all preferences. Remember to book your florist well in advance, especially during peak wedding seasons, to ensure that your floral dreams are turned into reality.

We cater for wedding flowers of any size. Let us help you create an unforgettable wedding day.
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