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Flower Delivery in Christchurch: Top Picks and Services

Introduction to Flower Delivery Services in Christchurch

Christchurch, known for its English heritage and stunning gardens, offers a vast selection of options when it comes to flower delivery services. Whether for a special occasion, corporate event, or personal sentiment, finding the right florist that delivers timely and beautiful arrangements is essential. In this article, we review some of the top picks for flower delivery in Christchurch, assessing their service offerings, unique features, and customer satisfaction.

Top Flower Delivery Services in Christchurch

The garden city boasts numerous skilled florists, from boutique stores crafting unique floral designs to larger enterprises offering a wide range of flowers from around the world. Below, we explore some of the most reputable services that ensure your floral gifts arrive fresh and beautiful to your intended recipient.

1. Aromaunga Flowers

Aromaunga Flowers, based in the Heathcote Valley, offers a delightful range of flowers grown in their own gardens. Known for their sustainable practices, Aromaunga specializes in seasonal flowers, ensuring that your bouquets are always fresh and environmentally friendly. Their service includes custom arrangements and they cater to weddings and events in addition to regular deliveries.

We offer same day flower delivery.

2. Citywide Florist

Located in Riccarton, Citywide Florist offers a broad variety of flowers and arrangements, suitable for any occasion. Their website is user-friendly, making online orders seamless and hassle-free.

3. Ilam Florist

Ilam Florist, located near the University of Canterbury, is highly popular among the student and academic community for its bespoke floral creations. With a focus on high-quality blooms, they cater to personal and corporate clients alike. Their specialty includes custom bouquets that capture personal stories and occasions with elegance.

4. Flowers on Cashmere

At the premium end of the market, Flowers on Cashmere offers luxurious and sophisticated floral designs. They source exotics and classics from preferred suppliers, ensuring high-quality arrangements. Located on Colombo Street, they are known for their innovative designs and superior service covering weddings, corporate arrangements, and personal bouquets.

Choosing the Right Florist for Your Needs

When selecting a florist in Christchurch, consider the occasion, your budget, and specific preferences in style and flower types. If sustainability is a factor for you, opt for florists like Aromaunga Flowers who emphasise green practices. For luxury options, services like Flowers on Cashmere that offer same-day delivery might be preferable.

Importance of Customer Reviews and Feedback

Before finalising your choice for a florist, checking customer reviews and feedback can provide insights into reliability and quality of service. Platforms such as Google reviews, social media sites, and even direct referrals are good sources to gauge previous customer experiences.


Christchurch's flower delivery services range from locally grown bouquets to extravagant imported floral designs, capable of catering to every taste and occasion. Regardless of your chosen florist, always ensure that they meet your specific needs and maintain a reputation for quality and reliability to guarantee that your floral gifts convey just the right sentiment.

We offer same day flower delivery.
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