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Where to Find the Best Dozen Red Roses in Christchurch

Introduction to Choosing Red Roses in Christchurch

Christchurch, known for its vibrant floral scene, offers a multitude of options for purchasing red roses, a timeless symbol of love and affection. Finding the perfect dozen red roses requires considering both quality and the specific occasion. This guide will help you discover the best florists in Christchurch for purchasing this iconic bouquet.

Top Florists for Red Roses in Christchurch

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a romantic event, or simply expressing love, knowing where to find the best red roses can make all the difference. Here’s a curated list of top florists in Christchurch renowned for their high-quality roses and exceptional service.

1. Flowers on Cashmere

Located in the heart of Cashmere, Flowers on Cashmere is known for its premium long-stemmed roses. They offer a variety of bouquets, including their signature dozen red roses, which are always fresh and beautifully arranged. Their attention to detail and personalized service makes them a top choice for romantic gestures.

2. Aromaunga Baxter's Flowers

Aromaunga Baxter's Flowers, a family-owned shop in Heathcote, has been a staple in Christchurch’s floral industry since 1983. Their red roses are sourced directly from their on-site glasshouse to ensure the flowers long for the customer. They offer a range of styles from traditional to modern arrangements, catering to varied tastes.

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3. Miss Feaver Florist

Miss Feaver Florist, located on Yaldhurst Road, provides exceptionally crafted floral arrangements and specializes in stunning red roses. Whether you prefer a classic or a more unique twist on your bouquet, their skilled florists can customize your order to suit your needs.

4. Ilam Florist

Ilam Florist is another excellent option for those near the University of Canterbury. They provide beautifully arranged, high-quality roses that can be paired with chocolates or teddy bears for that extra special touch. Their service is quick and reliable, perfect for last-minute gifts.

5. Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday, perhaps lesser-known but highly praised by locals, offers organically grown red roses that are both stunning and eco-friendly. They focus on sustainable practices, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Factors to Consider When Buying Roses

When purchasing a dozen red roses, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the best option:

Quality and Freshness

The quality and freshness of roses can significantly impact their appearance and lifespan. Opt for florists who source their roses from reputable growers and offer a freshness guarantee.

Arrangement Style

The style of the arrangement can affect the overall impression of your bouquet. Consider the recipient’s taste when choosing between a traditional or contemporary design.

Customer Service

Good customer service can enhance your buying experience. Choose florists who are responsive, helpful, and willing to accommodate special requests.

Additional Gifts

Many florists offer the option to add gifts like chocolates, cards, or balloons to your flower order, making your gesture even more memorable.


Christchurch offers a diverse range of florists providing high-quality red roses perfect for any occasion. From the experienced, high-end boutiques to smaller, family-run shops, each adds a unique touch to their floral arrangements. By considering the aspects mentioned above, you can select the perfect dozen red roses to convey your feelings in the most beautiful way.

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