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Finding the Perfect Corsage in Christchurch: A Guide

Whether you’re preparing for a prom, wedding, or any special event in Christchurch, selecting the right corsage is an important touch that can enhance your outfit immensely. Navigating the myriad options in floral boutiques can be daunting, but this guide is designed to help you find the perfect corsage in Christchurch with ease.

Understanding Corsages

A corsage is a small bouquet of flowers usually worn on a woman's wrist or dress, traditionally given to her by her date to a formal event like a prom or a wedding. They play a symbolic and aesthetic role, adding a touch of elegance and color harmony with the wearers' attire.

Step 1: Decide on the Type of Corsage

There are mainly two types of corsages to consider: the traditional pin corsage and the more contemporary wrist corsage. The choice between these often depends on the style of the outfit. For example, if the attire is a delicate fabric, a wrist corsage might be preferable to avoid damage. Consult with your florist about what would work best for your specific garment.

Step 2: Choose the Flowers

Flowers are central to the aesthetics of a corsage. In Christchurch, popular choices include roses, orchids, and peonies. However, you should consider seasonality in your selections, as this can affect both the cost and availability of certain blooms. Discuss with your florist the theme of the event and any color schemes involved. They can help guide you in picking flowers that will complement the overall look.

Step 3: Consider Personalization

A corsage can be personalized to reflect the wearer's personality or the theme of the event. This might include adding miniature charms, using ribbons that match the event’s color palette, or incorporating unique greenery for a more contemporary feel. Inquire about different customization options when you speak with your florist.

Step 4: Select a Reliable Florist in Christchurch

Selecting a reputable florist in Christchurch is crucial. Look for florists with positive reviews and a gallery of previous work you can view. Some well-regarded florists in Christchurch include Ilam Florist, Flowers on Cashmere, and Miss Feaver Florist. Make sure to visit or call ahead to discuss your needs and see their offerings firsthand.

Step 5: Timing Your Order

Timing is important when ordering your corsage. It’s advisable to order at least a few weeks in advance. This will ensure the florist has enough time to source the freshest flowers and create your corsage without a rush. Last-minute orders can often be accommodated, but they may incur an additional charge and you might be limited in flower choices.

Step 6: Corsage Care

Once you have your corsage, it’s important to keep it looking fresh. Most florists will provide instructions on how to care for your corsage. Generally, keeping it in a cool place and misting the flowers lightly can help them stay fresh longer. If the corsage is on a wristlet, check if there are any instructions specific to its maintenance.


Finding the perfect corsage in Christchurch involves a blend of practical decisions and creative expression. By choosing the right type of corsage, personalizing it to your taste, and working with a skilled florist, you can ensure that this special floral accessory enhances your outfit and holds a lasting place in your memories of the event.

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