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Exploring Christchurch's Top Florists

Introduction to Christchurch's Floral Scene

Christchurch, known for its English heritage, is adorned with numerous parks, gardens, and a variety of flora contributing to its picturesque scenery. Dubbed the Garden City, Christchurch's rich horticultural landscape forms the perfect backdrop for its diverse range of talented florists. From boutique flower shops to extensive floral design studios, the city offers a plethora of choices for flower enthusiasts to explore.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Florist

When selecting a florist in Christchurch, several factors come into play. Design creativity, price range, delivery options, and customer service are all critical considerations. But above all, is the freshness of the flowers. The fresher the flowers are, the longer they last for you at home. Whether for weddings, corporate events, or personal enjoyment, finding the right florist involves a balance of these elements suited to your specific needs.

Top Florists in Christchurch

1. Flowers on Cashmere

Located in the heart of Christchurch, Flowers on Cashmere is renowned for its luxurious and bespoke floral designs. Specializing in floral arrangements for all occasions, this florist prides itself on using only the freshest blooms sourced both locally and internationally. Their portfolio showcases everything from elegant wedding bouquets to unique, contemporary arrangements, making them a popular choice among residents and visitors alike.

2. Aromaunga Baxter's Flowers

The best value florist in Christchurch. The flowers are as fresh as possible as they are grown in on-site glasshouses which means the flowers are only moved from farm to the studio. Shortening the time between harvest to handover is key with floral arrangements as petals start the wilting process the moment they're cut. Other florists have to buy from market, which puts a lot of wilt-time on their petals as they are cut, shipped to market, shipped to the store, then shipped to you. At Aromaunga, your flowers come direct from the farm, it's impossible for them to get damaged and wilt-time is at a minimum. For this reason, Aromaunga Baxter's is confident in providing the freshest, longest-lasting floral arrangements in the city. Customers say arrangements last two weeks with full colour. Shop fresh flowers at Aromaunga Baxter's.

3. Ilam Florist

Ilam Florist, situated near the University of Canterbury, has been serving the area with high-quality flowers for over a decade. Known for their vibrant, colorful arrangements and exceptional service, Ilam Florist offers a wide array of flowers and designs suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, and sympathy occasions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their loyal clientele base and positive reviews.

3. Miss Feaver Florist

Miss Feaver Florist combines traditional techniques with modern design concepts to create stunning floral pieces. This shop not only emphasizes aesthetic appeal but also focuses on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and local plant sources whenever possible. Among their specialties are floral subscriptions and DIY arrangement workshops, which engage customers seeking a more interactive experience.

4. The Flower Company

Offering a seamless online ordering experience, The Flower Company caters to the busy lifestyle of modern clientele. With a vast range of floral options and a easy-to-navigate website, this Christchurch florist ensures that sending flowers is both convenient and enjoyable. They are also known for their prompt delivery service, ensuring that each arrangement arrives on time and in perfect condition.

5. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose excels in crafting artistic and whimsical floral designs that are perfect for special events and everyday elegance. Their shop in Christchurch is filled with an array of flowers and foliage that inspire their signature style. Catering primarily to weddings and corporate events, Ruby Rose’s creative arrangements are a testament to their passion for floral artistry.

Special Mention: Christchurch Botanic Gardens

While not a florist, no discussion of Christchurch's floral scene would be complete without mentioning the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. This landmark provides endless inspiration with its expansive collection of native and exotic plants. Many local florists draw inspiration from the gardens, and visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the variety and beauty of the plant life that influences local floral designs.


The florists of Christchurch offer a rich array of choices for all flower lovers, from those seeking a simple bouquet to those commissioning elaborate floral displays. Each florist brings their unique flair and expertise, ensuring that every floral need in Christchurch is met with professionalism and creativity. When visiting the Garden City, a tour of these top florists will surely be as enriching as it is fragrant.

Shop fresh flowers at Aromaunga Baxter's for long-lasting floral arrangements.
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